Go Karts

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Family Go-Karts

  Double Go-Kart Single Go-Kart

Double Go-Karts

35 KM PH for those who are smaller than 4'6" (136 cm) and need to be accompanied by an adult.

Rain or Shine

Single Go-Karts

30 KM PH & 35 KM PH for those who are 4'6" (136 cm) or taller.

Rain or Shine

High Performance Go-Karts

Italian "BIREL" Racing Go-Karts - 60 KM PH

For the BIG KIDS with Driver's Licences

High Performance Go-Karts have an onboard AlfanoTiming devises that measure lap times, count the laps completed and record the fastest Lap Time.

Run only on a dry Track!


Annual Best Lap Time Champions:


Ike Burkhart

Our all time
(Three time)
Go-Kart Champion
with his unbelievable
Best Lap Time of

The all time
record breaker!


2008 Best Lap Time

Ike Burkhardt 22.67


2007 Best Lap Time

Harris Stoneman 22.20


2006 Best Lap Time

Ike Burkhardt 22.30


2005 Best Lap Time

Mel Gallant 22.69